Youth for Human Rights International Participates in a “Sense of Peace” Art Program in Riverside, CA

Riverside, CA
11 October 2006

At-risk youth were given a voice at ”A Sense of Peace” community exhibition which drew hundreds to Riverside, California. The exhibition was heavily supported by numerous like-minded community and nonprofit groups.

Sarah Slocum from A Sense of Peace stated: “This is not your typical landscape painting though. The art pieces are huge assemblage sculptures made from recycled materials conveying messages on diverse issues including, but not limited to, environmental, animal cruelty, guerrilla gardening, cultural awareness, freedom of speech, gender equality, human rights, peer violence, etc.”

The Youth for Human Rights exhibit showed the TXL Films UNITED music video along with the YHRI “30 Rights. 30 Ads.” video drew a constant audience who wanted to learn about human rights. Claudia Korchak, who ran the booth for Youth for Human Rights, said “Everyone who saw our videos loved them. Some were even crying!”