Return to Ghana

Accra, Ghana
29 June 2007

International Development Director Tim Bowles returned to Accra, Ghana, this week to conclude the current phase of YHRI’s human rights leadership project in conjunction with YHRI-Ghana. Chiefly organized by YHRI’s African program director Sammy Jacobs-Abbey, competing members of four area secondary schools presented their findings on investigation projects in a 29 June forum held at the Coconut Grove Regency Hotel.

This event concluded the students’ three-month fact-finding review of human rights conditions and abuses in their communities. Mr. Samuel Bosompim, Public Affairs Director for the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) gave the keynote address, stressing the vital importance of human rights education for the future of Ghana. Accra Secondary School for Girls came away with the top prize, a computer system for their school library.

The packed house included a broad range of African Union dignitaries, Ghana government representatives and students, many of whom are now planning to continue their human rights activism with further YHRI projects. The recognition of YHRI’s effective grass roots efforts to activate young people on human rights issues in Africa continues to grow.