Reaching the World—16th Annual International Human Rights Summit 2019

Youth for Human Rights International’s 16th annual Human Rights Summit held in New York draws delegations from the greatest number of countries in history.

Individuals Recognized as Human Rights Heroes for Helping Every Sector of Society

The Youth for Human Rights Hero Awards honor those who are changing the lives of others through human rights education, among them the inspiring example of Art and Culture of Italy and others spearheading social betterment and peace.

Turning Lives around in Washington, DC’s Toughest Wards

Travis Ellis uses his own experience with crime and drugs, infused with knowledge of human rights, to help change DC’s future.

Human Rights Shipped around the World

Maersk took educating their employees on human rights into their own hands.

Indian Actress Sheena Chohan Crosses Boundaries to Teach Human Rights

Sheena Chohan is not just a pretty face. As the Ambassador for Youth for Human Rights South Asia, she is changing the lives of millions.

Tour Travels 52,900 Miles across Nine Countries to Raise Human Rights Awareness

The 16th Youth for Human Rights International Educational Tour visits nine countries to enlighten schoolchildren, build partnerships and promote universal human rights education.

Four Conferences Unite Nations for One Purpose

Youth from across the globe converged for four YHRI Regional Conferences to engage in human rights activity and collaboration.

YHR Toronto Promotes Tolerance in Ontario

YHR Toronto works to eliminate racial discrimination—in an ethnically diverse area.

16th Human Rights Summit to Be Held in June

Human rights advocates, officials and educators are invited to the annual Youth for Human Rights Summit June 27-29 in New York.

A Nation Known for Peace Continues to Lead With Its Own Human Rights Campaign

Costa Rica is known as an example of peace and democracy, and ensuring this reputation never fades is a human rights educational program reaching every corner of the nation.

YHR Nepal Holds International Gathering on Sustainable Development Goals

Delegates from around the world gather in Kathmandu, Nepal, joining forces to change the world through human rights education.

The Giant of Africa Becomes a Giant of Human Rights

For Pascal Nwoga, it is all about reaching the children of Nigeria with human rights to change the future of the nation.

Filling the Void on Human Rights

United for Human Rights provides much-needed educational materials to teachers.

Being a Gentleman is Inseparable from Human Rights

Chris King is on a mission to help Florida youth—in danger of becoming victims of human trafficking—gain the knowledge to protect their rights and the rights of others.

Human Rights Heroes Recognized at the United Nations

During the 15th Annual International Human Rights Summit, Youth for Human Rights International awards three stellar humanitarians for their work in changing the face of their nations.

Human Rights Summit Celebrates 70th Anniversary of UDHR

The 15th Annual International Human Rights Summit engages 94 youth from 57 nations at the United Nations in New York.

Milano Hosts Human Rights Awards

Youth for Human Rights Italy holds its annual Human Rights Hero Awards 2018.

Bringing Understanding and Peace Through Human Rights in Israel

The Youth for Human Rights Israel team seek to tackle the age-old conundrum of bringing harmony to the numerous ethnic and religious groups that make up their nation.

Human Rights Education Prepares Guyana’s Future Generation

The YHR Guyana chapter is tackling domestic violence at its roots, using human rights education and awareness to change the mindset of the country’s citizens.

YHRI World Educational Tour Visits Seven Nations

The 15th annual Youth for Human Rights World Educational Tour travels 35,058 miles through seven countries.